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Female tailor bust, medium length, with double holes plate made of fiberglass and covered in soft, smooth velvet. The double holes plate allows you to use the base both in the central hole (in case of dresses or skirts) and move it to the right hole in case of trousers. Moreover, to replace the velvet cap, the coordinated fabric head can be purchased.

Many more colors available: contact us to have your custom luxury bust!

Sizes available upon request: from 40 to 54

Fabrication time: 2 weeks    Contact us with your idea!

Base to be purchased separately.



37 cm
85,5 cm
59,5 cm
88 cm

Female handmade tailor bust* with cap covered with fabric and double holes plate.

This kind of plate allows you to dress easily the bust even with jeans and trousers, without using pins or needles.

Material: Fiberglass

Fabric: Velvet

Base: to be chosen from the ones available

Dimensions (size 42):

Shoulders 37cm

Chest 85,5cm

Waist 59,5cm

Hips 88cm

Other sizes available on request: 40-44-46-48-50-52-54

* For this kind of "handmade" dummy, it is possible to choose between a wide range of fabrics available.

Furthermore, to replace the cap (available in wood or steel as well), it is possible to buy the coordinated head.

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