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Divas Italia is an Italian company specialized in shop-fitting and sale of all shops’ essentials.
Here you can find a wide range of furniture, mannequins, racks, hangers and accessories for shops.
We deal with our customers needs during all the phases of the shop-fitting, starting from the project till the assembly and furnishing of the shop.
All of our systems have a customizable design, thanks to the continuous research of new materials and finishing, which allows us to create always new, flexible, modern and stylish solutions for competitive prices.

Divas Italia has been founded in 2000, by 3 partners already experienced in this field.
Each of them was specialized in a defined area: Monica, was responsible for marketing activities and design of shops, Silvano worked as carpenter and created customized furnishings, Paolo coordinated the logistic process and the assembly phase.
Year after year, beside the shop-fitting, they worked together to improve other fundamental elements for shops, such as handmade mannequins, furniture pieces with particular design and decorative items/accessories for windows display.

Today Divas Italia has grown and become a leader in this field.
The number of our customers has significantly increased, thanks to the collaboration with other loyal companies, and now we are able to deal successfully with customers from all over the world, fulfilling their particular requests despite the distance.
Our first and main target is to reach the customers’ satisfaction, by giving assistance when needed, by respecting the given deadlines and taking care of each details of the product we sell.

If you want to know more about us, just give us a try.